[Story] Happy Ending Little Adventure

Yesterday, It was my lovely day. As usual, weekend is the most happiest thing that every employee in the world wait it. For me, weekend is another way to fulfill my sleepless in work-busy-day. I can sleep in any time I want, even though I sleep at 1 AM, there is nothing to be worried at all. So that’s why, weekend is a revenge to back my sleep hour.

I got my wake up at 8 AM yesterday and really opened my eyes at 10 AM. In Indonesia, if you oversleep like that, people said ‘KEBO’ or Buffalo in English simply, I dont care anymore whatever they call me like that. The time when I was full wake up, my boarding house was really-really empty and me ALONE !. Nisa went to Pekalongan at early morning and also Riski to Jogja at 8 AM. Agus Widodo, Yusuf Prasetyo, Deni Anggriawan, and Zulfrima went to the Sayung Substation because there were substation feeders maintenanceĀ  and breakfast filled by noodle.

Things had changed so fast, when suddenly I just wanna go to the Cangkiran-Mijen, yep that is my Village. Somehow, before my grandmother and my grandfather died in 2001 – 2003, I often came to my Village especially in Lebaran. That’s why Semarang sounds familiar to me, so many sisterhood and brotherhood here. Cangkiran and Krapyak is not so-so far away, just take 45 minutes in slow or 30 minutes while you go fast and you just go straight if you start from Ngaliyan. Overall, you can see a modern village mixed by tropical rain forest. Just dont imagine, what weather will be and always cool and cold.

Bunch of Teak Tree

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